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King Fireplace is serving California for  the past 30 Year
With a Personalized Service and Professionalism

Our Service Includeds

  • Chimney Safety Inspection.

  • Real Estate and Buyer inspection.

  • Chimney Video inspection.

  • Rebuild.

  • Re-Design Fireplace to Meet your

  • Needs.Cap Installation.

  • Damper Installation.

  • Flashing Repair.

  • Repair or New Crown.

  • Fire Box Repair.

  • Smoke Chamber Repair.

  • Dryer Cleaning

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Smoke Guard

  • Ash Dumper Door

We specialize in:
        Safety Inspection,
     Second Opinions &                competitive BIDS
             on Other
   Chimney Reports.
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