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King Fireplace Construction?


Who We Are and What We Do?.


I started King Fireplace Consulting in September 1997 after leaving Chimney Jack which I had partnered into a nationwide chimney repair company in the decade before.


At Chimney Jack I discovered that I was not cut out for sitting behind a desk worrying about what my managers were up to in Dallas, Philadelphia and New York. I preferred the hands on experience of inspecting chimneys and dealing directly with clients’ to solve their problems.


King Fireplace Consulting business philosophy is simple and straightforward:


1.Provide a clear report of a chimney’s condition.

2.Explain available options so the client can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

3.Lastly, make sure the clients are happy regardless of profit or loss on the job.


When I started King Fireplace, I firmly believed that this was the way to build a successful business. Since then we have gained the respect of thousands of home owners and realtors all over the city.


SAMPLE REPORT: If you’d like to see an example of our reports for a firsthand look at what you can expect, email to KINGFIREPLACE@YAHOO.COM with SEND SAMPLE REPORT in the subject line. 

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